Beyond The Green: Three-Day Fringe Festival at St Luke’s ensures COP26 is Climate Positive by using Regenerative Agriculture for the Future of Humanity

Friday 5th – Sunday 7th November 2021, St Luke’s, Glasgow

Beyond the Green, EarthAid and the Future For Humanity launch as solutions to ensure the future of humanity is bright at the United Nations Climate Change Summit, COP26. We want to show that music and entertainment can bring us together to help ALL OF US - and our planet.

We are taking ACTION and leading the way by using agriculture to offset the entire carbon footprint of COP26.

And all profits from Beyond The Green – which will be an annual event at St Luke’s – will be invested into the East End of Glasgow in the form of plant-based sustainable building materials and multiple other products using natural materials from today’s wonder-crops.

The Future For Humanity Foundation is launching a Regenerative Impact Magnifier to offset the Carbon Footprint for COP26 UN Climate Conference plus the myriad of events surrounding COP26 to become Climate Positive by using Regenerative Agriculture in the UK, USA and around the world.

Beyond the Green, the first ever agriculture-focused COP Fringe Festival, taking place in St. Luke’s in Glasgow’s East End, puts industrial agriculture and its untapped potential to be good for our planet on the COP26 agenda.

Launching Friday, Beyond The Green sees panels, workshops and musical surprises as we introduce people to the wonders of sustainable agriculture, the countless uses for this amazing crop and its incredible properties that are beneficial for our climate and our planet.

Saturday @ Beyond The Green, UMA special event to include: Live performances plus DJ sets from Andy Cato (Groove Armada), Sarra Wild, Darwin and BEMZ, The Fratellis official after show party, panels and talks from climate experts across charities, governments, NGOs, culture and entertainment industries.

UMA Entertainment chaired by Harvey Goldsmith, producer of Live Aid, Live Earth and Live 8, to announce EarthAid Live as a series of stadium events coming 2023.

The weekend days start with Yoga, Meditation and Education sessions from 10am-noon on Saturday and Sunday, with Get Ahead and We Are Boogie Sound.

UN Global Goals-focused ‘Future For Humanity Foundation’ brings a focus on creating a comprehensive approach to solutions for the UN Global Goals front and centre to ensure the brightest future for humanity possible.

Friday 5th – Sunday 7th November 2021, St Luke’s, Glasgow

Fri 17:30 – 22:00 / Sat 10:00 – 02:00 / Sun 10:00 – 22:00

The Beyond the Green Fringe Festival puts industrial uses for agriculture’s untapped potential for solving our planet’s greatest challenges on the COP26 agenda. One of the greatest things sustainable agriculture can do is sequester carbon.

Beyond the Green and the Future For Humanity Foundation has pledged to offset COP26 ́s entire carbon footprint by planting agricultural crops to ensure COP26 has a Climate Positive result. Third party assessments will be tallied to produce an official report of the Carbon footprint surrounding the COP26 events in Glasgow and the number of acres of farming contributing to this offset. Farmers will benefit directly from this offset from the Carbon Credits issued.

The Regen Impact magnifier demonstrates the power to not only offset the carbon footprint by growing and farming 1 acre as Regenerative Agriculture for every 1 tonne of carbon generated through the COP26 ecosystem of events, but to also create exponential impact by using Industrial agriculture to replace all of the products that humans use that currently pollute and destroy our environment, i.e. replacing plastics, paper, packaging, advanced materials, building materials, fibreglass, fuels and much more. Sustainable agricultural processes can also remediate soil and clean up air pollution. Growing specific crops can also impact our oceans by helping to eliminate waste plastics in the ocean.

Our focus is to create measurable impact both locally in Scotland and across the UK, and continually with our global roadmap of events through 2022 and beyond to contribute to creating action and success for the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development and the 2030 Agenda.

Celebrities and experts have come out to take the pledge, support the cause to offset the climate footprint and create our planet as Climate Positive - and we are inviting YOU to get on board.

Scottish rock band the Fratellis will join us at the festival on Saturday night, after performing elsewhere in the city – their official aftershow is at Beyond The Green.

Beyond the Green founder Sam Cannon, former head of music for Ministry of Sound, said: “The time for denying sustainable agriculture and its positive impact on the climate is over. There are a wide range of plant based solutions with industrial applications, that have been scientifically and industrially proven to be THE no1 sustainable solution for the climate, capturing at least twice as much carbon as trees whilst taking a tenth of the time to grow. If politicians are serious about fighting climate change and not just dancing to the tune of big business, they need to start putting plant based wonder crops at the forefront as solutions for our climate. ̈

Future for Humanity foundation’s founder and executive director Melinda Woolf said:

“What’s needed is for us to demonstrate actionable solutions in a way that engages others to do the same. We need people and the best of solutions from all walks of life, from all cultures and communities, cross-sector and we need it now! This is a movement of using entertainment to reach the masses. Bringing people together with events, music and concerts and even sports to reach people where they are. And it’s exactly what's needed to bring people together to educate, inspire, and celebrate so that we can create the moonshot solutions for the world’s greatest and most urgent challenges.”

Michael Woods, owner of St Luke’s, Glasgow said:

"We are delighted to welcome Beyond The Green to St Luke's for the first edition of an annual event that is genuinely vital for all of us. We have had huge landmark shows from massive international artists here but this is one of the most important things we have been involved in - this weekend is about creating a better future for all of us, for the East End, for our city, for our children and for the world. I have learned an incredible amount from Sam, Melinda and the team already and I urge you to do the same by joining us this weekend."

Ross Patel, UMA Entertainment Group said:

“Music and entertainment will forever inspire, unite and empower. Culture plays a more important role now more than ever in bridging the gap between the challenging realities we face today and the bright possible futures we all have the power to create. We are honoured to be able to provide a platform for artists to speak out and for the entertainment industry to engage in the hope that we create a welcoming and exciting first step on the ladder for those just joining the climate conversation”

About COP26 - CNN Article - Read in CNN:

  • -  Unless bold and rapid actions are taken, extreme weather events and climate change-fueled sea level rise will increasingly fill the future of the Earth. Scientists say the planet is running out of time to avoid these worst-case scenarios.

  • -  "World leaders have a fleeting opportunity to help or betray the future of humanity with their actions today on climate change," said Strauss


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The Fratellis Partner with Future For Humanity Foundation and Beyond the Green to Become Climate Positive

The Fratellis have teamed up with Beyond the Green and Future For Humanity Foundation to work towards making them one of the first fully climate positive bands in the world.

The carbon footprint of the band - who will show their support at the Beyond The Green festival at St Luke’s on Saturday night - will be audited, and they will look to reduce it wherever possible.

Then any remaining carbon will be offset by planting and growing agricultural crops around the world and even in Scotland, with farmers being paid for carbon credits.

The long-term partnership between the band and the two organisations is a commitment to work towards becoming fully climate positive as quickly as possible.

Jon Fratelli said: "This is something we have thought about a lot - we are conscious of the mark we leave on the planet and we do try to do what we can already.

"But this partnership is really exciting. We were approached by Beyond The Green and Future For Humanity and loved what they are doing.

"They are staging a festival in Glasgow at St Luke's this week and we are making it our official after show party so we will be there to show our support for their incredible work.

"We want to do much more though and this is a very long-term partnership.

"We have fully committed to working with the team to become climate positive.

"This means we will reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible, and what is left over will be offset through agriculture..

"It's a really exciting partnership and I am looking forward to learning more about sustainable agriculture and the amazing things we can do with it."

Melinda’s Future For Humanity Foundation works with Regen Impact, and with farmers in growing crops and sequestering carbon towards achieving the United Nations Global Goals.

She believes that musicians, artists and the entertainment industry have a huge role to play in making the world take notice and accept that regenerative agriculture can be a vital part of creating the solutions that are needed to ensure climate change and making the Global Goals reality.

Melinda said: “It’s incredibly exciting to welcome The Fratellis to the Future For Humanity family.

“We will work closely with them from NOW to offset with an aim to minimize their carbon footprint and make them climate positive. Regenerative Agriculture  is a standout showcase that demonstrates the best of solutions that are available. Regenerative Agriculture impacts ‘Life on Land’ as it sequesters more carbon than traditional agriculture crops. In manufacturing, such crops as industrial hemp can replace almost everything that humans use, and not only can it make products that can be biodegradable, they are actually regenerative in nature and good for the planet when grown due to its carbon sequestration and soil remediation properties.

“There is no point in shaming or blaming nations, leaders, companies or people for what has been done wrongly in the past – it’s about looking to the future and making the positive changes that are possible now. We must find the moonshot solutions that ensure a bright future for humanity. The Fratellis are committing to doing their part in this and we are so happy to be working with them on this incredible project.

“This is what we do. We want to inspire other artists to join us, to work with us to make them climate positive and in turn inspire their fans and their peers within the industry.

“So we invite other musicians and the entertainment industry as a whole to talk to us – we would love to work with you. Together we can change the future for all of us, so let’s get started.”

Beyond The Green work closely with the Foundation and they are staging a massive fringe festival at St Luke’s in Glasgow this weekend – they will welcome The Fratellis to the event on Saturday night as their official after show party.

Founder Sam Cannon said: “Beyond the Green and Future for Humanity are delivering REAL environmental and humanitarian solutions with the utilization of sustainable agriculture and the plantation of industrial hemp and other specific crops that sequester carbon.

“We are thrilled that such a globally renowned band as The Fratellis have embraced what we are doing – we have huge plans with them to make a positive impact and lead the way for other artists to follow.

“This is a landmark step for the entertainment industry and we are going to change the world for the better, with The Fratellis.”

The band have enjoyed huge success this year and worked closely with numerous charities, but frontman Jon and his bandmates Baz and Mince have wanted to take action on their carbon footprint and environmental impact for a long time.

So the opportunity to work with Future For Humanity Foundation and Beyond The Green is hugely exciting for the band.

Jon said: “To be involved in this partnership is a no brainer for us. Our need to act on Climate Change is obviously a prominent news story at the moment due to COP26 but climate change is an issue that's been on our minds for a long time.

"We want to do what we can and working with Beyond The Green and Future For Humanity helps us to take massive steps, quickly and easily.

"I would absolutely encourage other bands and artists to do the same - talk to the guys and help make a difference now.

"It's our responsibility to take action, rather than talking about it.

"In the short time since teaming up with Sam, Melinda and their organisations, we have learned a huge amount.

"There's still this air of mystery around how specific agricultural processes can support our environment. and how it can impact and it is kind of dismissed by a lot of people.”

"Sustainable agriculture can be used for so many things, with industrial hemp for example, it's the fastest way to suck carbon out of the air and you can do everything from build houses to making paper, plastic and clothing from it.

"I'd love to make a bio-friendly record one day - the actual vinyl - and we are exploring this too.”

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Beyond The Green is at Saint Luke’s, Glasgow from Friday until Sunday