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THE PRIVATE LANGUAGE - "Everybody Wants to Rule the World"

In one of most uniquely offbeat collaborations of the year, celebrated pop singer Blake Lewis joins forces with EDM’s most accomplished drummer producer KJ Sawka to form The Private Language, a new project that combines cutting edge electropop, indie dance and future funk into one irresistible package. Their boldly unexpected debut single is a fresh take on the Tears For Fears smash ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’, spinning the classic song-craft of the original with state of the art modernist production. Released on Earth Day, the video for the song conveys an impassioned plea for peace and unity in these uncertain times.

Sawka and Lewis originally crossed paths amid the vibrant Seattle hip hop and rave scene, becoming fast friends and fellow musical travelers. Lewis rose to fame as one of the most distinctive and memorable finalists on American Idol, winning over the world with his charismatic singing, beatboxing and scat-singing. He went to collaborate with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, releasing a top 10 US album and a #1 Billboard dance track. Sawka has been playing drums and producing for over 28 years, working with artists such as Illenium, BT, Amon Tobin, Andy Summers of the Police and dubstep supergroup Destroid. He is most known as the incendiary drummer for drum n’ bass legends Pendulum.

Covering this classic 1980s hit has been a unique experience for both artists, as Sawka explains: "This song was a real challenge to reinterpret. It’s such an iconic song with a unique pulse. we slowed it down to 100 BPM and that changed it enough for an original feel and it fit our style and vibes. We then continued to produce in the way we do our original music by diving deep into the drum parts, vocal and keyboard effects and live bass. It was so much fun to create.”

For his part, Lewis was drawn to the song for both artistic and sentimental reasons, as he relates “From their brilliant production, grooves and soaring vocal talent, I’ve been such a fan of Tears For Fears ever since I could remember. Any time one of their songs came on the radio as a kid in the 80’s I couldn’t help myself from singing at the top of my lungs. I love how melodic their music is in every way. After being amazed seeing them in concert two years ago, I knew I wanted to try taking a stab at one of their songs. Deciding to cover this song in particular, was tricky for us. Keeping the artistic integrity of the original while trying to make it your own is such a challenge but we had so much fun shaping this song in our style and think we nailed it.”

“I came up with the idea for the music video during the height of the pandemic. Seeing so much tragedy and the impact we make on the environment I wanted to say something about it. I’ve always been mindful about the environment I’m in and human rights issues, from standing with the Dakota Tribes protesting at Standing Rock and performing charity concerts on Earth Day. I want to unite people with our music and message. The earth was here long before us and will remain long after. We need to be kind to each other, ourselves and Mother Nature. It’s just so simple to help and I hope whoever sees our version of this classic takes a little bit of that away with them.”



Paris is one of the most talented artists, classical crossover pop singer, painter and an entrepreneur who speaks 7 languages.  Since 2011 she has performed in many concerts across the world with other celebrities in cities such as London, Dubai, Astana, Almaty, Moscow, Baden-Baden, Frankfurt, Porto Cervo, Berlin, and Abu-Dhabi.

At the age of 14 she organized a TV show for teenagers about celebrities and music news from all over the world.  At the age of 20, she became a political news reporter on one of the local TV channels. Although she experienced a number of different artistic disciplines, she realized her main passion was in pop music.

No one will stop her! Paris has other ambitions in line with her numerous language skills and she considers herself a citizen of the world. Her life has been about no borders and she embraces all different cultures from around the world. In 2018, she won the International Golden Panther award presented in New York, as she prepares to become the next international superstar!


THE FRATELLIS - Need A Little Love

The Fratellis have teamed up with Beyond the Green and Future For Humanity Foundation to work towards making them one of the first fully climate positive bands in the world.

The carbon footprint of the band - who will show their support at the Beyond The Green festival at St Luke’s on Saturday night - will be audited, and they will look to reduce it wherever possible.

Then any remaining carbon will be offset by planting and growing hemp around the world and even in Scotland, with farmers being paid for carbon credits, through the work of Melinda Woolf and the Future For Humanity Foundation.

The long-term partnership between the band and the two organisations is a commitment to work towards becoming fully climate positive as quickly as possible.

Jon Fratelli said: "This is something we have thought about a lot - we are conscious of the mark we leave on the planet and we do try to do what we can already.

"But this partnership is really exciting. We were approached by Beyond The Green and Future For Humanity and loved what they are doing.

"They are staging a festival in Glasgow at St Luke's this week and we are making it our official after show party so we will be there to show our support for their incredible work.

"We want to do much more though and this is a very long-term partnership.

"We have fully committed to working with the team to become climate positive.

"This means we will reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible, and what is left over will be offset by growing hemp.

"It's a really exciting partnership and I am looking forward to learning more about hemp and the amazing things we can do with it."