Boaxt Partners with the Future For Humanity Foundation to Impact the United Nations Global Goals

Boaxt is not only the innovative concept of a "boat in a box", a potentially stationary or mobile space, able to be easily and quickly deployed from a container.

Beyond its technical capacities, Boaxt Boaxt is also a new approach to apprehend the development of territories spatially and qualitatively, by optimizing aquatic and marine surfaces. . Thanks to its unique intermodality between land, air and water, Boaxt is meant to play a key role as:
  • a physical vector of floating logistics solutions to enhance territories development.
  • a vector of intangible assets, promoting exchange of knowledge and expertise.
BOAXT Vector Graphic
From the logistician to the geographer, from the researcher to the artist or the sportsman, through the civil security specialists, executives and public servants, countless industries and activities directly benefit from the introduction of the Boaxt concept in their daily life.

A new force of territorial intelligence - in other words economic intelligence applied to territories - Boaxt intends to deploy itself by leaning on three key rules:
    • Respect for the environment, using the examples offered by nature and avoiding ecosystems disruption by inappropriate constructions .

    • Respect of human beings, offering communities the means to gain flexibility of space on their surrounding ecosystem.

    • Creation of innovative dynamics, allowing fluid commercial, cultural, and social exchanges … especially integrating remote and forgotten communities.
The Boaxt Vision:
Humanism, ecology, community harmony within balanced territories ... at the confluence of these parameters, Boaxt appears as a unique technical and human project.

In today's ever-changing world, where it becomes urgent to rethink lifestyles organization and exchanges - particularly under climate change and demographic pressure - Boaxt opens vast fields of potentiality and development.

Its multimodality, flexibility, rusticity, and endless adaptability make it a major player in tomorrow’s territorial reorganizations. Spatial reorganization, of course, but also mental reorganization in that the perspectives it offers increase the field of possibilities for all human activities.