The Fratellis

The Fratellis have teamed up with the Future For Humanity Foundation to work towards making them one of the first fully climate positive bands in the world

The carbon footprint of the band - who will show their support at the Beyond The Green festival at St Luke’s on Saturday night - will be audited, and they will look to reduce it wherever possible.

Then any remaining carbon will be offset by planting and growing hemp around the world and even in Scotland, with farmers being paid for carbon credits, through the work of Melinda Woolf and the Future For Humanity Foundation.

The long-term partnership between the band and the two organizations is a commitment to work towards becoming fully climate positive as quickly as possible.
Jon Fratelli said: "This is something we have thought about a lot - we are conscious of the mark we leave on the planet and we do try to do what we can already."
"But this partnership is really exciting. We were approached by Beyond The Green and Future For Humanity and loved what they are doing.
"They are staging a festival in Glasgow at St Luke's this week and we are making it our official after show party so we will be there to show our support for their incredible work.
"We want to do much more though and this is a very long-term partnership."
"We have fully committed to working with the team to become climate positive."
"This means we will reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible, and what is left over will be offset by growing hemp."
"It's a really exciting partnership and I am looking forward to learning more about hemp and the amazing things we can do with it."

Melinda’s Future For Humanity Foundation project, works with Regen Impact, and with farmers in growing crops and sequestering carbon towards achieving the United Nations Global Goals.

She believes that musicians, artists and the entertainment industry have a huge role to play in making the world take notice and accept that hemp can be a vital part of creating the solutions that are needed to ensure climate change and making the Global Goals reality.

Melinda said: “It’s incredibly exciting to welcome The Fratellis to the Future For Humanity family.
“We will work closely with them from NOW to offset with an aim to minimize their carbon footprint and make them climate positive. Regenerative Agriculture is a standout showcase that demonstrates the best of solutions that are available. In growing crops, Regenerative Agriculture impacts ‘Life on Land’ as this way of farming sequesters more carbon than traditional agriculture crops. In manufacturing, such crops as industrial hemp can replace almost everything that humans use, and not only can it make products that can be biodegradable, they are actually regenerative in nature and good for the planet when grown due to its carbon sequestration and soil remediation properties.

“There is no point in shaming or blaming nations, leaders, companies or people for what has been done wrongly in the past – it’s about looking to the future and making the positive changes that are possible now. We must find the moonshot solutions that ensure a bright future for humanity. The Fratellis are committing to doing their part in this and we are so happy to be working with them on this incredible project.

“This is what we do. We want to inspire other artists to join us, to work with us to make them climate positive and in turn inspire their fans and their peers within the industry.

“So we invite other musicians and the entertainment industry as a whole to talk to us – we would love to work with you. Together we can change the future for all of us, so let’s get started.”